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Wargames Terrain Workshop

If you are looking for scenery to enhance your wargaming experience, then you have come to the right place! We offer a range of highly durable, finely detailed modular terrain gaming boards and resin cast scatter scenery, suitable for fantasy, sci-fi and historical wargames.We also make custom terrain pieces to order and have a full model sculpting service.All of our gaming boards and scatter scenery pieces are available to order in either painted or unpainted form.

Sgt's Mess

Mould makers, metal casters and retailers of their own ranges!

Great Escape Games

Makers of Dead Man's Hand, Rules of Engagement and Clash of Empires - give them a click!

Dark Ops

Dark Ops have a background in Cad Design and produce mdf laser cut 28mm sci-fi and fantasy ranges putting the emphasis on design and aesthetics. Both Pez and Smudger have been gamers for 30 years and want to show there's more to laser cut terrain than cheap single sheet box buildings. For details, email